Saturday July 15, 2023
Closing Chamber Music Concert
Round Top Music Festival - 2023
Festival Concert Hall
3:30 PM - 5:05 PM
More details will be available soon

Programs are subject to change.
Decet for Winds
Nicholas Stovall, oboe 1
Young Artist, Oboe 2
Gretchen Pusch, flute 1
Young Artist, flute 2
Jason Shafer, clarinet 1
Young Artist, clarinet 2
Kristin Wolfe Jensen, bassoon 1
Young Artist, bassoon 2
Alberto Suarez, horn 1
Young Artist, horn 2
G. Enescu
Sextet for Brass
Young Artist, trumpet 1
Young Artist, trumpet 2
Young Artist, trumpet 3
Alberto Suarez, horn
Brent Phillips, trombone
Young Artist, tuba
O. Böhme

Octet for Strings
Michelle Kim, violin 1
Chen Zhao, violin 2
Young Artist, violin 3
Christiano Rodrigues, violin 4
Brett Deubner, viola 1
Young Artist, viola 2
Dmitry Kouzov, cello 1
Brett Shurtliffe, cello 2 (bass)
F. Mendelssohn